Welcome to the Yacs

Not a spelling error but the Chiltern Young Archaeologists Club.

A dozen members of the Chiltern YAC joined the excavations today, and they all excavated features in our garden trench. We offered them training, explaining about how to excavate one soil from another, finds washing and illustration. one of the best finds from today was a small porcelain doll/s bust: we assume that the rest of the doll would have been cloth, although she may have had porcelain arms and legs.




Doll’s bust, not broken

We had fun in our other trench in the meadow. We cannot find the southern wall of our flint-founded building, but we did have a large expanse of roof tile which, I suspect, slid off the rafters and fell outside the building. so, by removing the tile, we should have found the contemporary land surface and remains of the southern wall. We found the old land surface, but the wall is yet to appear. Unless and this is brain wave time: their is no masonry southern wall. This is not fantasy, if their were a series of doors and doorposts, there would be no southern wall, just postholes. Watch this space, or, that space there at Eastcote in person.

eastcote 7.2

These volunteers keep on working, removing the fallen roof. Which is nice.