Top of The World

Hello and goodbye. our fourth season of archaeology at Eastcote has finished, and thanks to all who worked on the site over the last four years and during the first evaluation trenches in 2012.

We had an Open Day yesterday, and I counted  around 120 people that came on tours around the archaeology, plus countless others peaking to our skeleton staff of excavators, and looking at the finds table.


Visitors abound



On our last day we found pieces of a wall tile from c.1700, with an image of a milk maid. I think that our piece is a better image than the one Andy found on line.

Thanks of course to AOC staff who helped over the excavations: Kate, Kylie, Maggie and Lee, this year, Charlie last year, Nick the year before, Andy in 2014,and Chris in 2012. Special thanks to Jill for educating the school groups.

Thanks to Alex and Pete in the Cafe, the friends of EHG generally, Hillingdon Council and the HLF, and Nick P , the manager of Eastcote House Gardens.

Now, I do not have the attendees list with me, but special thanks to every volunteer who helped. Not in any particular order, but Val and Colin come first because they have attended almost every day of the dig overall. It kind of reads like a song! Sorry if I forgot you.

Val, Colin, Rosemary, Trevor, Sue, Sue, Sue.

Anthony and Rosemary, David, David, Dave.

Kevin and Jack, Kevin, Paul and Ken.

Christine, Christine, Christine, Debbie, Denise and Joss,

Charmian, Stuart, Gerry and Jack, Norman, Sarah,

Stuart, Glenys, Ann, Louise, Liz, Norma, Linda and Irene, Moira

David and Melanie, Eve, Mark, Jane and Janet, Sarah, Nuala and Catriana, Simon, Andy, Andy, Louise.

Smrooti, Rita, Brenda, Geoffrina, Steven and Steve, Chris, Richard.

Nigel, Nick, Cathy, Felix and Laura, Frances, Jane again, Richard, Sidney and Jess.

and of course, Ron.

Thanks to the schools to: Coteford Junior, Warrener and Field End, to Chiltern Young Archaeologist Club

As I may have said before, all these moments will be lost, like tears in the rain.


One thought on “Top of The World”

  1. With a nod to Solomon, that well-known sage

    a time to start and a time to finish,
    a time to make new friends and say farewell to old friends,
    a time to make new finds, and to throw non-finds,
    a time to work, and a time to find shade,
    a time to despair, and a time to triumph,
    a time to be confused, and a time to see the light,
    a time to see the different methods of the past,
    and a time to see the same principles in use today,
    a time to say what you think, and a time to listen.
    All in all a time to learn, and see your place in time.

    Peace and love to all

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