The Heat, the Dust and the Flies

Just to say thanks to all who persisted in today’s heat, it was monstrously hot, but we will miss it if it rains.

And the dust too, the site is so  dry that when we do manage to get the soil excavated, there is a lot of dust.

And the flies? Flying Ant day.


The Site Even Looks Hot

We have revealed a hole in the ground that is filled with rubble. We are not sure yet whether the rubble has fallen in, pushed in, laid in, or how it got there. Parts do look burned, suggesting that we may have found an oven or similar heated area…maybe the base of a forge; there is clinker and slag among the rubble. Only time will tell, and we are running out of time! There are three digging days left until Open Day on Sunday.

We have processed most of our finds, and are enjoying seeing the spread of dating evidence from the 13th century to the 19th century as only archaeologists can. Our finds team wash and lay out the finds to dry, and this hot weather is good for drying them, before sorting by type and bagging up for examination by our specialists, so we can find out when and where the finds were made, specifically the pottery and what lies under the corrosion on our iron objects.

eastcote 10.1

Finds Drying In the Sun



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