Out Here We Are

Thank you to all the volunteers who came over the weekend; good weather, although Sunday was a bit warm. Fewer people came than the first weekend; either we are wearing the volunteers out, or they had other, more important things to do than work hard at shifting soil and rocks…

eastcote 8.1

Our Volunteers work so very hard

We have managed to clear a lot of fallen roof tiles from our building remains in the meadow, and have exposed large pieces of flint which are, I suspect, the southern wall of our (possible) blacksmiths. It is a bit irregular, but there is plough damage, so I think that the wall foundation has been torn through and turned over, in order to break up the ground, maybe as late as the 1930s, or perhaps, repeatedly. I also wonder weather the meadow may have been ploughed in the war in order to Dig For Britain. Even our sturdiest foundation has scars from a plough.

Our finds cleaning team has been busy, washing and sorting the things that we find, things that historical folk left behind. Visitors see that we collect a lot of broken pottery and building materials, but when you can view all the groups of finds, we have a dozen pieces of medieval pottery,  2 dozen Tudor date pieces, double that of 17th-18th century fragments, and many many pieces of porcelain and china: generally, the more modern sherds have broken up into smaller fragments.

No confirmation of the location of a forge or similar, but there is a hole in the floor that appears to be full of rubble. This will be emptied through the week.

As always, anyone is welcome to come along and join in the dig until the 8th July: the 9th of July is our Open Day, when we will be showing our finds and explaining our results in the trenches.

eastcote 8.2

You too can do this.



One thought on “Out Here We Are”

  1. Hello
    The area you are digging was definitely farmed during WW2. My mother was a Land Girl and she was based at Eastcote House and told me that she did some of her work on site at what is now known as Eastcote House Gardens. Unfortunately she died some years ago and so I am unable to provide any more detailed information.

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