Higher Up and Further In

The end of our first week, and the volunteers have excavated enough to know that we don’t know what we have found beyond informed guesses and supposition. Usually, when archaeologists cannot interpret their findings, we say it must be ‘ritual’.

eastcote 6.1

Volunteers ALWAYS work hard. I hope nobody overdoes it…

Not today though; we are edging towards the farmstead-cum-industrial theme, with Val finding a ploughshare and possibly part of the coulter associated with it. Colin found an odd-shaped piece of ceramic building material that looks like a mould for casting metal, so our building could now be interpreted as a farm building, but the presence of slag and other burnt debris still suggests a forge or smithy on site. We could have a dual -function building, or even two buildings.

eastcote 6.2

There is always something unusual on site. why oh why is there a massive piece of flint in the middle of the floor?

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