Here Comes The Rain Again

The third day of the fourth season of archaeology at Eastcote, and we have welcomed our first group of pupils from Coteford School, who all worked in our second trench of the season, before the rain came. All the pupils get an introduction to archaeology, and get to excavate artefacts, revealing events from fifty to five hundred years ago.

Today, the pupils revealed a gravel path and a circular flowerbed belonging to Eastcote House gardens, but it isn’t in any photographs or maps that we have seen, so may have been grassed over before the invention of the camera. Maybe we can find out what was planted there and when.

eastcote 3.2

Garden Archaeology revealed by Coteford School.

In our Meadow Trench, we carried on all day despite rain at lunchtime, continuing to find remains of a building with stone foundations and a cobbled floor. We had 20 volunteers again today, and have finds of iron objects including horseshoes, and lot of clinker and slag, pottery and glass, roof tiles, bricks that may be date to the 16th century, but we are yet to confirm the function and date of our stone building. Is it a storehouse? A dwelling? A Blacksmith’s? We think it must have been demolished before Eastcote House was built in the late 16th century, but may have been a visible ruin or earthwork for some decades.

eastcote 3.3

Stone foundations, and part of the floor.

More tomorrow, all our volunteers are very keen!

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