Great Work, Team!

Thanks to all our volunteers, we have done most of the heavy digging and mass excavation, and are now looking forward to more delicate investigation and cleaning, with most of our historic foundations revealed. The western flint wall is the best preserved, with a northern turn surrounding a cobbled pebble surface. On the far side of this room is a curious area of collapsed red brick/ burnt clay lumps, and this may indicate the industrial zone of the building.

eastcote 9.3

The foundations have been revealed, surviving to various levels

The south wall has been heavily damaged by plough, and thanks to a visitor today, we know that here mother was stationed as  a landgirl during the war, for agricultural work. This would tie in nicely with the ploughing evidence that we have, with all the overlying soils turned over and some of the finds mixed. Some joining pieces of pottery have been spread across different layers of soil.

We are getting closer to understanding the building, and may have some postholes remaining that mark the location of doorways, and it must have been either an agricultural building or a blacksmiths, since we have yet another horseshoe (thank you Frances).

eastcote 9.2

A horseshoe. Each part of the red and white stick is ten centimetres (4″) long

Each day brings more finds and more details of the building, and now we are generally beneath the impact of the plough, so should get nice secure dating material. One of our favourite finds is a stoneware jar with a uniformed man smoking on one side and a hunter being pursued by a fox on the other. It is incomplete and in pieces, but we get overexcited when we can match pottery sherds to build a bigger picture.

One of our volunteers spent her day off making us a cake.

eastcote 9.1

Which was nice, both in flavour and friendship

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