Glad You’re Here

This is the last post from this year for the actual excavations, but I shall add bits to the blog as the finds get processed, and any other relevant facts or deductions that may come to light over the coming weeks and months.

On Saturday, I suggested that a light sprinkling of rain might help the foundations look good for the Open Day. Um. I must apologise to the Mayor and anyone who came along for tours before 11 O’clock, because that is what we had. Thanks to everyone who came, about 130 visitors joining a tour, plus others who popped in for minor questions, or just were passing through. I’m glad the volunteers joined the tours, as well as helping by talking to the public too (there are no secrets on our dig),¬†especially Trevor, Colin and Liz, who were digging, Christine, recording, Debbie and young Jake on the finds table, and Charlie with tours, and Jill¬†generally, and Alex for her tasty cakes.

P1010496 (Medium)

The rain stopped when we got to the deep trench

P1010512 (Medium)

And some sunshine amongst the finds.

In our trench in the field, we intend to return next year, for a much larger area, to find out what the building foundations belong to. just near the end of the day on Sunday, the remains were cleaned up very expertly, and we started finding some collapsed brickwork, as well as flint and chalk foundations. Our volunteers found some lumps that look a bit like Blacksmith’s waste, but with a bit of detailed cleaning, the remains look excellent.




One thought on “Glad You’re Here”

  1. Many thanks to Les, Jill and Charlie for making the last two weeks so interesting and such fun. Already looking forward to next year’s dig – who knows, we may actually reach Australia!

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