Downward To The Earth

there are days when the archaeology just appears in a perfect and interesting away, and this Sunday was one of those days. Good weather, a nice array of finds and some remains of a building are excavated.

Our find of the day was going to be a coin, but it turned out to be 10p from 1992, so instead it will have to be the archaeological features instead. We were hoping to find th eremains of a building in the meadow, and our team of intrepid volunteers found a substantial flint foundation, only one side of the building we want to find, but just near one edge of the trench. next to the wall, our volunteers have begun uncovering the floor within the walls.

We cannot yet prove the date of the building, nor what it was used for, nor when it was demolished, but we do have a single piece of medieval pottery and a horseshoe, and lumps of fuel and maybe waste from ironworking, which could be evidence for a blacksmith’s workshop, but we will not jump the gun until we have a firmer conclusion.

eastcote 2.3

The flint wall and floor just appeared during the day.

Its a Monday tomorrow, and we are having a day off, or we will work ourselves into the ground…although you could say that is what we do anyway.

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