Always the Sun

So very very hot!

The weather office promised us rain and even one of the volunteers had an app that said it was raining in Eastcote. IT DID NOT RAIN!

However, we got some water and the classes from Coteford School did a good job of cleaning masonry from the porch, it looks lovely. However, since we had a hose and some water, we were able to damp down some of the soils, which made it a bit easier to excavate.

The building in the meadow is coming on well, we damped that down, and the pebble surface looks a lot better when damp, instead of grey. We also spotted a slot for a wall partition: a beam slot, and have thus proved part of the internal layout of the building. Part had a pebble floor, another part a beaten earth floor.

eastcote 11.1

The shallow beam slot for a partition, in the building in the meadow. It does not show up very well.

Thanks to our volunteers for sticking at the dig, despite the heat and exhaustion. Just when we thought we had resolved the mysteries of the ancient, Rosemary found a soft spot of soil, and when she removed the soil, a circular area of tiles set on edge. I’m not sure why yet. It is too small to be a hearth, perhaps it is an unusual pad for a post. It may be associated with another, excavated by Colin.

eastcote 11.2

Tiles set on edge

Only two digging days to go until our Open Day, from 10am until 2pm on Sunday 9th July at Eastcote House Gardens. See you there.

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