Onwards and Upwards

Another day at the dig brings us further parts of our stone-walled building, and parts of the building made of brick and mortar, perhaps indicating an addition or modification during its use. The exact date of the building is still unknown: the foundations suggest a timber framed building but among the layers of soil covering it are finds from after 1700, so maybe this stood into the 18th century, or was at least visible as a ruin.

We have a dedicated finds washing team, who are gaining on us, washing the finds slightly faster than we are finding them. Whatever the weather, the finds team can work, because they have a shelter. We have fragments of glass, flowerpot, porcelain, clay tobacco pipe and building materials. We also have broken fittings from a horse harness,  a horseshoe, and several pieces of medieval pottery. Some of our flint finds may have been struck in the prehistoric period.


eastcote 4.2

Our finds team are working

eastcote 4.3

Our volunteers are hard at work, using trowels and mattocks

eastcote 4.1

This is the first candidate of the year for a caption competition, featuring Kate, Christine and Chris. No prizes, just a bit of fun.

Roll on Thursday, and we may find out what our building is: a cottage? a blacksmith’s?a workshop> a stable? Hopefully, excavation and time will tell.

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