Always the sun

Tuesday on our site, and it was hot, so very hot. Everyone worked extremely well despite the heat. Tomorrow is going to be even hotter, so it will be sunhats for all. As for the archaeology, we have uncovered all of the brickwork of Eastcote House that we were hoping for, including the outside walls, a cellar,  and the drains. We will be sampling the soil within the drains; that is the sort of place where you get the smaller household finds.

20150630_160306Lovely clean bricks of the foundations

On the subject of finds, Christine has been finding our older finds again. That is some green-glazed pottery from the 16th century called ‘borderware’, and a small piece that may be of Saxon date. When our finds processing volunteers eash this piece, we will know more about it.

Our second trench of the year is looking like it contains a 16th century land surface, with rubble and soil filling a large pit or ditch cutting through it.

Our third trench is progressing, with a gravel path and a ditch revealed. We also have two modern wheel ruts. So, more results tomorrow, and our regular volunteers will carry on excavating. Anyone new is also welcome! Les

Another brick in the wall

Hello to all our diggers and followers.

Sorry about the blog post title, I couldn’t resist it. One of our trenches is located at the eastern end of Eastcote House. We have uncovered the east wall foundations, and they are made of bricks that appear to be of 17th century date. We also have part of a cellar which had a brick vaulted roof. Finds from this area include an escutcheon from a lock, and lots of broken wine bottles.

Just at the end of the day, our volunteer Colin uncovered masonry that we think is medieval.  Everyone worked very hard, despite the rain.

We like the rain...
We like the rain…

The other trench we are working in is a bit puzzling, but that is part of the joy of archaeology. We have a rare find, a piece of horn, and Christine (again) found a piece of medieval pottery.

We also started washing finds today, so if anyone wants to join us for that or to try their hand at archaeology, please come along.

Oh, we won’t be there on Monday.

Eastcote 2015, The Return of the Dig

We have returned to Eastcote for our second year of excavations.  We have three trenches. One is looking for the east end of Eastcote House and the medieval foundations we discovered last year. The other two trenches are targeting geophysical anomalies.

Our first day saw a dozen adult volunteers and a group from the Chiltern Young Archaeologists Club. The dig is already getting interesting: we have Eastcote House, a ditch that may be medieval in date, gravel surfaces, and a large hole that may have been filled in before Eastcote House was built.

We don’t have many finds yet, but one piece of pot may be Roman! Thanks to all who came today. That was hot out there, and we’re going to get hotter. I suggest that anyone coming should have a sun hat. All our volunteers are SO enthusiastic!

Until tomorrow…